New Muse in Action! Pics From MMoCA

We now have some insider pics up from the New Muse + MMoCA event, where we installed musical performances within Shinique Smith’s Menagerie exhibition. It was so exciting to feel the buzz inside the gallery. As you can see, the crowd was energized and attentive, and each installation proved to be surprisingly different in it’s energy.

Top row left-right: Ben nailing (for failing at) Tom Johnson’s “Failing,”  Dave, Sergio, Theresa and Brian rocking out to “Bohemian Rhapsody” (wide-angle and close-up).

Middle row left-right: Chia-Chien’s mesmerizing performance of Jerry’s “White Tiger” drew a circle of followers, Clayton led the string quartet through Gabriel Prokofiev’s hip Quartet No.1.

Bottom row left-right: Clayton, Beth, Kerry, and Andrea lit up the blue ambience of Smith’s site-specific installation, Ben continued the party with an encore performance in the lobby.

Click here to see the complete e-program notes, and to read about the concept behind our event, check out this discussion with Jake Stockinger. (All photos © 2011 Donald Bartkowiak)

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